Today we celebrated Mother's Day with my in-laws. I decided to try out a new dessert recipe I saw on Paula Deen's show. Banoffee Recipe Here


(You'll just have to imagine the whipped cream on top. I plopped down a can of "Real Dairy Topping" and let them spray away to their heart's content.)

This really turned out delicious! And incidentally artery-clogging, but it was a special occasion and the bananas totally make it healthy, right? FYI I had to bake the condensed milk for about three hours to get it to darken/caramelize and it still wasn't the same color Paula Deen achieved in ninety minutes. Also, it was way too goopy to be served like a pie even after I chilled it overnight.

To show more thoughtfulness (and to save some $) I channelled my elementary school self and made some mother's day cards. I even made the envelopes!

Grade School Style Cards

I didn't take pictures of the inside, but I assure you the written greeting was beautiful. (C'mon, say it with me: "awww")

You know you're from Texas when for mother's day your Grandma gets this kind of present:

Grandma's New Mower

And you know that you have a hard headed Grandma(in-law) when she won't use a riding mower because it doesn't provide her enough exercise. Grandma would probably be ticked to know that she's on the "world wide web" but since I'm 95% sure she doesn't navigate the interwebs, I feel safe. But please don't tell her!

No family gathering is complete without torturing our nieces and/or nephews. Doesn't she look happy to be today's lucky winner of annoying attention? (that's Pookie doing duty as Captain Annoys-A-Lot)

mother's day 2009

and one more for good measure:

mother's day 2009

Tune in tomorrow for Mother's Day with my side of the family. It's guaranteed to be way more redneck and will probably involve bacon!


Mom said... 1:41 PM  

Well Callie, you've done a great job on your new blog. Mother looks great. It's ok to give a redneck gift. Love, Mom