For this special day, I think it's wonderful if you can give your Mom all of her favorites. Mom loves yellow roses.

mom's mother's day roses courtesy CFP

Her favorite food is shish kabobs. She's very particular about the seasoning and in what order the ingredients should be on the skewers. Do NOT deviate from: meat, bell pepper (green only for her), bacon, onion.

shish kabobs

See? I promised there would be bacon! Notice that these kabobs are of the extra-crispy variety. If you're going to let your sister cook, then make sure you take her phone away so she doesn't get distracted. Of course, she'll point out that I didn't let the burned parts stop me from eating my fair share. I decided to try out another new dessert recipe today. From PioneerWoman I came across the Apple Dumplings of Doom! Or rather the Apple Dumplings of jiggly thighs and love handles.

apple dumpling

Mom was leary at first, especially seeing Mountain Dew on the list of ingredients, but she's a trooper and I promised her that if Pioneer Woman said it was great, then it most certainly would be. Mom described it as delicious and sinful and I think it's now her new favorite dessert! I accidentally used maple flavoring instead of vanilla extract but I think it made it better.

I believe there was a guarantee of redneck happenings. For your consideration, I present exhibit A:

redneck cookout

I love that there are two propane grills and the fact that CFP's tailgate is borked. We also played horseshoes, which I consider to be a bit redneck but by that time I forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures.


we made kabobs over the weekend too. BACON! I never thought of bacon. THAT is what it needed. You're brilliant.