Sometimes I fixate on a specific ingredient and attempt to make something yummy. My last experiment with artichokes went horribly wrong and I was hesitant to try anything else. That is until I developed a hankerin' for some coconut shrimp. Mmm Joe's Crab Shack....

Ok, snap back to reality. Wipe drool from chin.

I absolutely hate peeling and de-veining shrimp, so I decided to make coconut chicken instead. So I took my boneless skinless chicken tenders and soaked them in a marinade of coconut milk and curry powder. (I let them relax in the fridge for about 6 hours) Then I rolled the strips around in a flour, coconut flake, and cajun seasoning dry batter and pan fried them. *gasp* I know! Fried! What was I thinking?? I was thinking YUM that's what I was thinking. ;) I decided they needed a dipping sauce so I whisked together a bit of orange marmalade, lemon juice, honey and red pepper flakes.

coconut chicken

Plate appearance is not an area in which I excel. Also, I opened a can of corn and heated it up on the stove with some butter, sugar and hickory salt. My side dishes are seriously lacking in imagination. Maybe I should work on that...

root beer float

And no day is complete without dessert! Root Beer Float: classic, simple, delicious. If it's not Blue Bell then it's not real ice cream.


What is hickory salt and where do you get it? The coconut curry sounds fabulous! I make a thai coconut curry sauce with chicken, potatoes, fresh green beans and red peppers and pour it over rice, but I have never thought to make a breading out of the 2.

Hickory salt is a wonderfully smoky flavored salt. I use McCormick's brand but apparently they've discontinued it. As have Spice Island and many other store brands. There are still a few places to order it online but I haven't had to do that yet. I'm rationing myself.

I like the sound of your recipe! Most of the ones I came across included tomatoes and Pookie hates tomatoes

Anonymous said... 6:29 PM  

Blue bell is the only ice cream I will eat. Love it!