Something terrible happened in my world this week. Sunday June 7, 2009 two beautiful women were murdered. I don’t know any magic healing words to say to the families struggling to cope with this enormous loss. Those children and parents and brothers, family and friends shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of so much pain.


Chris and I were inseparable for a while; partners in crime getting into trouble for talking too much at work or laughing too loud or being sarcastic smartasses. I can think of many times that our “inappropriate” sense of humor landed us in hot water. Inside jokes, late nights spent laughing and watching stupid movies. Something happened, and I let my pride stand in the way of us staying close. There are so many things I’m sorry I never told her or explained to her. I hope she knew how much I really cared for her and how sorry I am that we drifted apart. Chris Pizza, I don’t know how to say goodbye and I don’t want to…I miss you. PS: Wherever you are now, I'm glad you have those damn ugly sunglasses you love so much...but I still hate them.


Candy was such a warm and genuine person. I know she had to get tired of hearing me complain but she never showed it. She gave me advice and made me feel comforted when the drama at work was driving me crazy. Candy’s laugh was bubbly and contagious. If I heard something funny, I had to share it with her because I knew that no matter how dumb the joke, she’d always laugh…and then call me a dork. I loved sneaking up on her late at night while she was busy working. She’d jump then laugh then scold me. It was a bit of a routine. I miss you Candy Cane. PS: I know this wasn't your favorite picture of yourself, but I took it and I love it.


Oh no! What happened? Did they catch who ever did this to them? My heart if breaking for their friends and family :( Prayers to them.