I've always enjoyed cooking for my friends and family but now, more than ever, I'm finding comfort in creating yummy foodstuffs. It is a firmly held belief that nothing helps grief more than good food, good company and laughter. That's why when we get news of someone passing the first thing we do is take food to the family and sit with them. It's hard to remember to take pictures of my accomplishments rather than just stuff my face and crawl back on the couch, but I am trying to pull myself (and my friends) out of this deep sadness. Until I can remember to photograph current food, I'll just have to post whatever is backlogged in my camera.

cheeseburger in paradise

Mmm, would ya look at that? Bacon Cheeseburger in Paradise! This is my favorite way to eat ground beef. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably tell you I prefer it some other way so pay no mind to that. Seasoned ground beef, bacon (from a local meat market, none of that pansy Oscar Mayer stuff here, no sir), cheddar cheese, green onions and just a dab of mustard makes this perfection on a bun. I season my meat (does that sound dirty or am I just a perv?) with black pepper and hickory salt. I've mentioned hickory salt before and Katie asked what it was and where to find it. Personally, I'd like to know where to find it too. Apparently every ding dang company has discontinued it and the closest thing I can find in the grocery store is some disgusting bacon flavored salt, blech! Hickory salt is so delicious I could lick it out of my palm, not that I'd do such a thing...no, no way, that would be unseemly!